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Decades: 1990's and 2000's

After Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera was the most popular female singer of the late-'90s teen pop revival. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Aguilera was a technically skilled singer with a genuinely powerful voice, belting out her uptempo dance numbers and ballads with a diva's panache. Born Christina Maria Aguilera on December 18, 1980, on Staten Island, her parents were of Irish and Ecuadorian stock and her father's military career meant the family moved quite a bit during her childhood. They eventually settled in Pittsburgh, PA, where Aguilera began performing in talent shows at age six, with considerable success. She appeared on Star Search in 1988 (though she didn't win) and in 1992 joined the cast of the Disney Channel's The New Mickey Mouse Club, which also included Spears, future *NSYNC members Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, and Felicity star Keri Russell.

After two years, Aguilera moved to Japan, where she recorded the hit duet "All I Wanna Do" with pop star Keizo Nakanishi. Returning to the U.S. in 1998, Aguilera recorded the song "Reflection" for Disney's Mulan; her performance helped earn her a record deal with RCA. Her self-titled debut album was released in the summer of 1999, and with teen-oriented dance-pop all the rage, the lead single "Genie in a Bottle" shot to the top of the charts for five weeks; the album also hit number one on its way to sales of over eight million copies in the U.S. alone. The follow-up, "What a Girl Wants," was the first number one single of the year 2000 and Aguilera consolidated her near-instant stardom by performing at the White House Christmas gala and the Super Bowl halftime show, and winning a Grammy for Best New Artist. Further hits followed in "I Turn to You" and another number one, "Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)."

In September 2000, seeking a place in that year's Latin pop boom, the part-Ecuadorian Aguilera recorded a Spanish-language album called Mi Reflejo, learning the lyrics phonetically since she didn't speak Spanish. It was followed quickly by the holiday album My Kind of Christmas; both sold extremely well, a testament to Aguilera's popularity. In the spring of 2001, Aguilera was featured -- along with Pink, Mya, and Lil' Kim -- on the chart-topping blockbuster remake of Patti LaBelle's "Lady Marmalade" featured on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Aguilera was by now a fixture at music industry awards shows; as she enjoyed her celebrity, a collection of old demos -- recorded when she was 14 and 15 -- was released under the title Just Be Free, despite Aguilera's vehement objections.

Aguilera attempted to deter the mass media's expectations when she issued her second studio album in fall 2002. Stripped, which appeared in October on RCA, was quickly criticized for its adult yet confident approach. Aguilera's look had gone from glossy to gritty. She appeared topless on the cover of the album and went nude for a fall issue of Rolling Stone. Debut single "Dirrty" revealed her new sexual power and became a chart smash, while "Beautiful" showed her softer side. For her next record, however, Aguilera split from producer Scott Storch and went to work with DJ Premier and Linda Perry, among others, for the 2006 Back to Basics, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The album, a two-disc set that explored her influences, mainly '20s, '30s, and '40s jazz and blues in the style of Etta James or Billie Holiday, portrayed a more mature -- yet at the same time provocative -- singer. The popular single "Ain't No Other Man" won Aguilera the fourth Grammy Award of her career, and she spent much of the following year on the road, releasing the Back to Basics: Live and Down Under concert DVD to document the tour in late 2007. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

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If I were a boy
내가 남자라면
Even just for a day
하루만이라도 남자가 될 수 있다면
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
난 아침에 침대에서 일어나
And throw on what I wanted and go
입고 싶은대로 입고 나갈거야
Drink beer with the guys
남자들과 맥주 마시고
And chase after girls
여자들을 쫓아다니고
I'd kick it with who I wanted
아무하고 놀러 다닐거야
And I’d never get confronted for it
누가 막지도 않겠지
Because they'd stick up for me
사람들은 날 이해해 줄테니
If I were a boy
내가 남자라면
I think that I'd understand
여자를 사랑하는 게 어떤 기분일지
how it feels to love a girl
이해할 수 있을 것 같아
I swear I'd be a better man
난 더 나은 남자가 될 수 있을 거라고 확신해
I'd listen to her
여자의 말에 귀를 귀울일거야
cause I know how it hurts
소중한 사람을 잃어버리는게
when you loose the one you wanted
얼마나 아픈지 아니까
cause he's taken you for granted
그는 네가 얼마나 소중한 지 알지 못하니까
and everything you had got destroyed!
너의 모든 것이 무너져 버렸으니까!
If I were a boy
내가 남자라면
I would turn off my phone
난 전화기를 끄고 있을거야
Tell everyone that its broken
다른 사람들에게는 망가졌다고 말하고
so they think that I was sleeping alone
그러면 모두가 내가 혼자 자고 있었다고 생각하겠지
I'd put myself first
언제나 나를 중심으로 생각할거야
and make the rules as I go
내가 바라는데로 세상이 돌아가도록 할거야
cause I know that she’ll be faithful
집에서 돌아올 날 기다리는 그녀가
waiting for me to come home
충실할거라는걸 아니까
If I were a boy
내가 남자라면
I think that I could understand
여자를 사랑하는 게 어떤 기분일지
how it feels to love a girl
이해할수 있을것 같아
I swear I'd be a better man
난 더 나은 남자가 될수 있을거라고 확신해
I'd listen to her
여자의 말에 귀를 기울일거야
Cause I know how it hurts
소중한 사람을 잃어버리는게
when you loose the one you wanted
얼마나 아픈지 아니까
cause he's taken you for granted
그는 연인을 당연한 존재로만 여기니까
and everything you had got destroyed!
너의 모든 것이 무너져 버렸으니까
It's a little too late for you to come back
돌아오기에 넌 이미 늦었어
Say its just a mistake
그저 실수라고만 말하지
Think I forgive you like that
내가 그렇게 널 용서해 줄거라고 생각하지
If you thought I would wait for you
내가 널 기다려 줄 거라고 생각했다면
You thought wrong
넌 틀렸어
But your just a boy
하지만 넌 그저 남자일 뿐이야
You don't understand
넌 이해못해
How it feels to love a girl
여자를 사랑하는 게 어떤 기분인지
Someday you'll wish you were a better man
넌 내가 더 나은 남자가 되길 바라겠지만
You don't listen to her
소중한 사람을 잃기 전까지는
You don't care how it hurts
넌 여자들의 말을 듣지도 않잖아
Until you lose the one you wanted
그게 얼마나 아픈지 신경도 안쓰지
Cause you taken her for granted
넌 여자를 당연한 존재로만 여기니까
And everything that you had got destroyed!
그리고 네가 가진 모든 것이 무너져 버렸으니까
But your just a boy
넌 그냥 한 남자일 뿐이야
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My life would suck without you - 네가 없다면 내 삶은 형편없을거야
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